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Let's start this week right!

Based on suggestions, I'm going to start adding some new threads that are more "interactive" and will hopefully get more people posting. Thanks to all the ideas, I hope the response is as good!

So today we'll start our very first unpopular opinions thread. ochemjenn suggested we do a theme each week. So this week, we'll start with something "easy" and go with..... movies!

For those of you who are unsure what this thread might be about: "unpop ops" are typically things that you disagree with the majority. For example, I am not excited, nor do I plan on seeing, Jurassic Park 3D.

I trust you ladies will treat the other responses for what they are: their personal opinions. (I say this because I have seen these threads turn fairly heated fairly quickly.) 

Re: Let's start this week right!

  • I like the theme!

    I never saw Jurrasic Park until I was a Senior in college either! I think the 3D might be a little scary for younger kids honestly.

    The movie I could never ever get into was Avatar. It was hyped up sooo much and I tried watching a couple times and could never make it past the first 30 mins. Also Twilight. I loathe Twilight. Vampires don't sparkle!
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  • I'm going to second that Twilight dislike. I haven't read the books, nor seen the movie but I definitely didn't liek the theme.

    As a side note: has anyone actually seen Twilight and can you tell me if the song "A Thousand Years" By Christina Perri, is significant in the movie? Like if people hear it will it be like "OMG that's the song from Twilight".

    I really like the song, didn't know it was from Twilight until after I was attached to the song, and want to use it in the processional.

    Thank you!
    Happy Monday!
  • I also didn't like Jurassic Park.  t scared me when I was a kid (though I didn't see it it the movie theater), but my younger brother loved it.  I never scared easily either.  It's a shame becaue I love most books by Michael Creighton, and now I won't read that one.

    I haven't seen Twilight, so I know nothing about the song.  I have no interest in reading/seeing it.  "My Heart Will Go On" was on our "do not play" list because anything Titanic makes DH weepy.

    My really UO: I don't understand why Princess Bride is so popular.  I saw it and thought it was really stupid.
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  • Huynette- My guess would be because Vampires are "immortal" so I guess their love will be 1000 years old.  

    Ochem- That hurts my soul.  I'm so sad you don't love The Princess Bride.  :(  


    UP: I don't get why people give me such a hard time about blowing my nose loud.  It's not like I can blow my nose quietly.  It always pisses me off and hurts my feelings.  Everyone blows their nose, I just don’t understand why people think it is gross.


    Up2: I don't like most modern works of literature.  I love the classics and fantasy.  

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  • My really UO:  I can't stand Seth MacFarlane (the Family Guy creator) or the Tosh.0 guy.  I don't think he's even remotely funny.  
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  • UO: I have never gotten into the Harry Potter series, the books or the movies. I am a huge reader and I never once had the desire to read this series
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  • Ash, yup, that's unpopular.  I was hesitant at first, largely because my younger brother was into HP.  Of course whatever my brother liked I couldn't like.  But then I decided to be a good big sister and took him to one of the earlier movies - I don't remember if it was the first or second - and I loved it.
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