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What do you ladies have planned for this weekend?

I posted this on my month board for my weekend plans, but I'll XP it here too!


at the minor league 

Sunday is 
(my church doesn't do this at all, actually, but it's a funny gif)

and then


  • I love Mrs. Doubtfire and Sister Act.

    Friday: working on my final project.  grocery store with DH. Dinner out with DH and a friend.  Italian.  yum.

    Saturday: DH is working, so hopefully I'll be able to focus on my paper.  Out to a bar&grill in the evening.  A friend's very long distance bf is in town for a few days, so there's a big get-together.  It's mostly his friends, so there are a few of us ladies there for my friend to talk to.

    Sunday: DH will be post-call and sleeping, so I'll have to be quite.  Meaning I really should focus on my final project.
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  • Hah I love it Ipilion!

    Tonight some friends are coming over for dinner so I need to clean and make dinner.  
    Tomorrow is church, homework, and maybe a pinic day fun
    Sunday is church and homework.
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  • ok, i'm gonna try a gif post... lets see if I can make it happen from work...  
    Tonight My FI is taking me to get a manicure, mainly so he can get a pedicure/foot massage.  That man is a sucker for a foot massage, and I like having nails...

    Then saturday is going to be an adventure to Dutch Bro's Coffee and Hobby Lobby

    Sunday will be all about Church, and since it's our day to help in Kids' Church the morning its bound to be crazy fun, or just plain crazy. 

    Then I get to come home, and hopefully, squeeze in a nap. 

    YAY!!!! My first GIF post!!! 

    I feel like I accomplished something...  
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