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Hey ladies. FH mentioned to me yesterday that his knee was bothering him and didn't sleep well Monday night because of it. He doesn't remember doing anything to it that could have caused an injury. According to FFIL he had a hard time going down the stairs this morning because of it. FH went to a clinic and they gave him pain meds and anti-inflammatories. I haven't heard from him if it's any better or not after taking the meds, I think he's at work now.

I really wish I could be there to take care of him and get him things and generally just try and make him feel better. He said it's on pain level "stupid" which for me is "shoot me where it hurts so then the doctors have to do something about it". I hate that I'm not with him when he's in pain.

Re: Prayer Request

  • Praying! Knee pain sucks, I hope he feels better soon.
  • praying, hope he feels better. is he following up with a specialist/orthopedist?
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  • Thanks, ladies. 

    Ash, not that I know of. He said he got a leg brace & a cane yesterday afternoon, which he said was helping. (I said, "I'm engaged to House!" He is also okay with that, haha)
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