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What do you ladies have planned for this weekend? What's the weather look like where you are, still snowing and cold or is it finally spring?

This weekend for me is going to be another crazy cleaning weekend. I'm traveling 2 of the 4 weekends this month... Next weekend is my birthday, which I'm going to be spending in Indiana with my FH (yaaay) and I have 2 interviews! Eep! The last weekend in April I'm headed out to California for my bridal shower.

It's spring-like where I am, it's a nice change.

Hope you ladies have a fantastic Friday!


  • It's cold (for us) again, which is spring for other people, aka highs near 70. 

    DH and I are going to the beach!  He's coming back from the airport (interview in another city) and napping some, but I'm going to drag him out of bed around 1 to leave.  I've been looking forward to a romantic weekend.  Plenty of time in bed, *wink wink*.  Have a few nice meals out.  No school/work stuff.  Maybe we'll see some friends, maybe not.  And, of course, long walks on the beach.
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  • Here in Northern California it's definateley spring, but for us that means sunny one minute and raining the next. 

    I'm going dress shopping tomorrow.  I know.  I'm a slacker, but FI just started a new job a month ago and the last few checks have gone towards bill catch up and the new tools he needed.  Besides, David's Bridal has my two favorite (affordable) dresses on sale for $129...

    Sometimes, slacking actually pays off...  

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  • Have fun dress shopping, Lyndsay!  It was one of my favorite wedding planning things.  I got mine on sale too, but not quite that good of a deal!  It was enough that I was able to splurge on a veil though. :)
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  • Ipilion- Where in CA is your bridal shower?
    Lyndsay- Wow that is a great deal!  Like Ochem, dress shopping was my favorite part of the wedding process.  Have a great time!

    The weather here is ok.  It's been raining on and off this week, but that is normal for spring.  It's pretty warm other which is good. :)

    Tonight is husband's surprise birthday pary which I hope goes well.  Tomorrow is homework and church.  Sunday is just church.
    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

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  • Friday Night: Sandwich Date Night and Dance Lessons (our first for our first dance).
    Saturday: Massage, Packing and slowly moving, dinner with FI's family
    Sunday: Church, Meeting with Coordinator in regards to Ceremony, Haircut and high lights.

    It's rainy in Seattle (shocker).
  • Thanks Ladies!!!  Enjoy your weekends too!
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  • raven, my mom lives in Grover Beach. a ton of my family lives around there/in pasadena, so it made sense to have it there. plus this way Papa can come to it too. (gasp! i know! men at the shower. well. it was originally a bridal shower. then turned into a wedding shower. but FH can't make it because of work. whoops! (mom is not too thrilled about that.... sorry, mom.))
  • Short weekend for me. I worked all day yesterday and I work again tomorrow.  In fact, tomorrow starts a week of working 7 days in a row (10-12 hours a day). It's gonna be a long week. So I'm enjoying my day off. FI and I are dogsitting for his parents while they are out of town for his sister's color guard competition.  So we're chilling at their place, playing with the puppies and eating their food (in exchange for watching the puppies) while watching an Avengers: Phase One marathon.  Currently we are on movie 2 of 6: Ironman. We watched Captain America last night. Up next is The Incredible Hulk, then Ironman 2, then Thor, then The Avengers.  Fun filled day!
  • Huynhette- What kind of dance are you learning? 

    Ipilion- Too bad your parents live so far away, we could have done a meet up!  Haha, it's ok I had a man at my bridal shower.  He was so funny when I opened lingerie, he closed his eyes! Hah!  I love old men.  So cute!

    Rachel- That sounds terrible, working 7 days in a row.  I'll be praying for God to give you strength to get through them all.  Your marathon sounds like a ton of fun though!


    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

    Married! May 27th, 2012

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