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Dear Coworker,

How am I supposed to know when all this stuff is due, or what the heck I am doing with it, when no one has taught this to me? Please stop treating me like I'm an idiot because no one has taken the time to teach me stuff I didn't even know exists.



  • Dear Mailman,

    Please come and bring me something good today!! I am waiting for my mom's Mother's Day gift and about 4 other wedding orders in from Etsy sellers and I am so excited!!


    Overanxious Bride
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:464687ae-7bc1-4360-9aea-999e11f1e1adDiscussion:5e5a0408-a320-4a7d-a79f-025101230638Post:7ef6aa73-69c3-45ca-ae79-d90012537800">Re: OLW</a>:
    [QUOTE]Dear landlord, Freshly painted cabinets do not equal new cabinets.  Please quit lying to me about these so-called renovations and improvements to my apartment. --Not stupid <strong>Dear Weather, I'm supposed to get engagement pictures taken on Saturday, and since the last good picture of FI and I is 3 years old, I would really like these to look nice.  Please be sunny and not too cold?  Pretty please? Love, Addicted to 
    </strong>Posted by elBecko[/QUOTE]

    Sending good weather vibes your way!! Ours are coming up in a couple weeks and we've had rain/cold forever so I'm so nervous it's going to be crappy out
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    Dear Absentee Boss,

    I know that I may have been incharge of marketing at my last job, but they had an agency management system.  I know that they cost money, but right now, trying to create exel spread sheets to track each and every thing I do, while I do it is starting to get on my nerves. 

    Also, it would be nice if you came in more than once a month so that you could actually see how much work I actually have to do on top of making phone calls and creating spreadsheets. Can't we please just invest in a system for the sake of my sanity?


    Your dedicated employee who only goes on the knot during break or lunch, i swear... Wink

    Dear FMIL, 

    I am aware that you are constantly cold and should live in the middle of Death Valley so you won't be again, however, since it has been close to 90 degrees in the middle of April, and would appreciate if you would allow us to use the swamp cooler as needed, without your constant complaining about how "cold" you think it is. The other hh residents (AKA your son, myself and the cat) don't have the paper thin smoker skin you do, and since we pay the bill, grab an extra sweater (although its 85 degrees outside and you shouldn't need it) and allow us to be comfortable.  If the cat is panting, take that as a sign its too damned hot in the house.
    I promise the grumpy son is much nicer if you would just let him control the temperature.  It's much easier for you to warm up than it is for him to cool down.


    Your FDIL, who will also be much nicer if you'd stop being such an air conditioning nazi. 

    PS  When it's 70 degrees outside, please stop turning on the heater.  Grab a blanket, because I'm sure no one else in our home is cold.

    edited: to add second open letter. 

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  • Dear clerkship director, Please stop sending me to clinics with very few patients that I don't even get to interact with. I'm not paying over 30 grand a year to just sit in the corner and watch. I'm supposed to be learning, not falling asleep from boredom. Signed, One very bored med student
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