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Gospel Music for Ceremony & Reception

Hello everyone.

I am in the process of working on my music selection and wanted to know if anyone knew of any african american gospel wedding songs that I could use at my wedding.  In addition to african american gospel wedding songs, I am a huge fan of Hillsong United and Chris Tomlin.  I have a couple of songs in mind (see below), but I would like a good mix to be played during the reception as well.  I appreciate any help in this area.

Prelude - various instrumentals of my favorite gospel songs

Bridal Processional - considering to have one of my favorite choir memeber singers to sing a song that she wrote or "Say Yes" by Shekinah Glory or "The One He Saved for Me" by Maurette Brown Clark.

Unity Cross - as we are building our unity cross, there is a song I have heard the choir sing at church with the lyrics being "born with this purpose, placed in the earth, just to give you praise."  Not sure of all of the wording or even the name of the song....if anyone could help with this that would be great.

Recessional - "Rain on Us" by Earnest Pugh

Thanks for your help!

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