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Weekend plans?

Happy Friday!! It's rainy here, but the temperatures are supposed to get up in the low 80s!

What do you lovely ladies have planned for this weekend??

Today's a short day at work for me - I've got a flight to catch at 2:30! I'm flying up to Indiana for  my birthday present to myself. I get to spend my birthday (tomorrow) with my man!!! Yay!

Tonight is birthday dinner at our favorite Mexican place. When I suggested it he said, "Wait. Really? Because I love that place." (He was suggesting Taco Bell, Burger King... etc The jerk, haha.) Tomorrow is two (!) job interviews with companies that I would love to work for (here's hoping they actually want to hire me) and then in the afternoon we're meeting with our church's wedding coordinator to talk through the ceremony details/timeline. Sunday is up in the air, because he said he got scheduled to work on Sunday. Hopefully he can switch shifts with someone so we can go to church together and just hang out.

Re: Weekend plans?

  • It's gorgeous here in Nor- Cal too... 79-85 all weekend.  
    Tonight is a do nothing night, which I desparately need.  

    I've got ASG Children's Ministry training all day tomorrow, which will be kind of fun, and then I have nothing planned that night (which means I may try to go see Jurassic Park 3D) :-)

    Sunday is church, and my goal is to try and sneak in a nap somewhere...  
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  • Happy birthday!

    My mom is coming to visit me this weekend. We haven't visited since Christmas (which is a long time for us). We are just going to hang out, maybe test drive some cars for her.

    Sunday: church then she will head back home and I will go to work at my PT job
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  • Tonight, FI's grandfather is coming over for dinner. His wife (FI's step grandmother) died a couple of weeks ago, so he's been really lonely since then. FI invited him over to give him something to do.

    Working tomorrow, boo. Hopefully I get out early.

    Sunday: I'm off! Probably teaching Sunday school then youth group in the evening.
  • mmm, I love Taco Bell.  Happy Birthday!

    Dinner out with friends then back to one of their houses for games, drinks, and dessert.  I made lemon bars to bring.

    DH and I are heading going to NC this weekend.  He has in interview on Monday, so we're staying with his best friend Saturday night (DH was in their wedding, ad he was in our wedding).  We'll havng out with them this weekend and then move to the hotel that it being paid for by the place he's interviewing at Sunday evening.
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  • Happy birthday!!

    Tomorrow we are going to a young married couple study thing.  I hope it's fun since I haven't and won't at this point read the book.  I just don't have time with school. 
    Then H's best friend is moving away and throwing a going away party so we will go see him for that.  I am making an apple pie.  Nom.

    Sunday is homework and church.  I have an essay to write and a bunch of reading to do for classes.  
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