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Pre-Marriage Counseling

FI and I have our first session tonight! I'm excited but pretty nervous at the same time :)
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Re: Pre-Marriage Counseling

  • I loved doing ours!! Have fun!

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  • Have fun!! :) Our church is trying to get us to set up a session on a Wednesday night in May. Yea.... Wednesdays are like, the worst possible day of the week. FH normally works 3-midnight those days, and, oh wait. I still don't live there. *sigh*
  • It will be great!  Come back and tell us about your experience!  
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  • First session went good! It was a lot of introductory stuff and what we see love as. Next session we are focusing on communication and they will get more personal. I'm still so nervous though! Our pastor is awesome and very open and he keeps saying he needs to dig into issues that might make us uncomfortable so we can tackle them now vs. having problems down the road, which makes perfect sense. I'm just the type of person who cares what other people think, sometimes more than I like to admit, and I'm worried he's going to think I'm a bad person. We're very active in the church and I don't want him to not like us! FI says I'm being rididulous and he's right. I'm sure I'll be more comfortable after a couple more sessions.
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  • glad the 1st session went so well. I am sure you will open up as the sessions continue. I wasn't 100% satisfied with out pre-marriage counseling. We only had 1 and it was awkward and weird to say the least.
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