January 2014 Weddings

Need to express my excitement!

I went dress shopping with my mom and bridesmaids today and found my dress. This is actually starting to feel so real! EXCITED!

Re: Need to express my excitement!

  • Congratulations!  That's awesome!  How many dresses did you try on until you found "the one"?

  • It was the 4th one I tried on. And I didn't even want to try it on - my fashionista sister was basically forcing me. I came out and looked at myself and I started crying and my mom was crying. It was crazy!! I always tell girls (even with prom dresses) try everything on, because you'll never know if you'll love it on.
  • Ahh I know the feeling! I tried two on and knew that was the one I wanted to marry brett in! Its so exciting!
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