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Cake or no cake?

My FI and I are having a dessert buffet with cupcakes and cookies but I think I want some kind of cake for the cake cutting pictures ... but then I think it's ridiculous to have a cake just for a photo opt. Is anyone else not having a cake? If not, are you doing anything special for the dessert? Am I not crazy for wanting a picture of the cake cutting ??? Any opinons/suggestions are welcome :) thank you!

Re: Cake or no cake?

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    Why not use one of your cupcakes to cut?  Or whoever is making your cupcakes could also make you a small cake to cut that you can then save.

    When my friend was married she had a "cake" of chocolate chip cookies.  She and her H fed a cookie to each other and it was adorable.

    There are many things you could do with the desserts you have to get that photo op.

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    itzMSitzMS member
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    No, you don't have to have a cake or do a cake cutting/feeding "ceremony".

    It wasn't DH & my we skipped it entirely.

    Since cake is so incredibly traditional at weddings, just be prepared that some guests will inquire.
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    We had cupcakes, and just cut a cupcake. I would find it very strange if you had a cake but didn't serve it. 
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    Some people rent a plastic cake, with a small edible cake hidden inside for the photographs. Then, they serve pieces of sheet cake to the guests, as being less expensive than a regular wedding cake.  I haven't actually seen this at a wedding, but I ran across it online.

    Cake cutting photos are very traditional.  You're not crazy for wanting that.
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    We had a dessert buffet that included cake, but no big wedding cake and no cake cutting.  No one asked us about it.  If you want the photo op, I would do it with the desserts on the buffet.
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    We have dessert being served after dinner, then we're also doing mini personalized cupcakes around 9:30-10p.m instead of serving wedding cake. Although, I am with you, and also wanted to have a cake to cut for pictures. The company doing our cupcakes brought up the idea to have them also do a small 'cutting cake' that we can cut through, & feed each other, but not serve guests. Depending on what your budget is, maybe take a look into that. You get the picture you want, and cake to save for you and your groom later on. :) Our bakery only charged an extra $50 for our cutting cake, which we got to design and personalize to how they are going to do it. I thought this was an awesome idea, and great alternative to purchasing an entire wedding cake! :)
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    We had cup cakes so no cake cutting.  We just posed with the cupcakes.  
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    We're not having a cake. We will have cake pops for the favours, but no cutting or anything. We'll get  a pic of us feeding each other our sorbet dessert or something. 

    I'm sure it won't be missed. 
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    You could just have the cupcakes as the main "cake" and have a small round cake (maybe 6-8" in diameter) to cut into and to freeze/save for your first anniversary (if you wanted to do that tradition).  I'm thinking of doing that myself..
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    if you want to cut a real cake go and get a small cake from a bakery, cut it, and save it for your 1st anniversary.


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