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Venue staffing change

Hi all,

Less than 3 months from the wedding, and I got an email from the hotel where the reception will be.  The wedding/event coordinator no longer works there.  Apparently he left a month ago.  It makes me a bit sad, because he was AWESOME.  Working with him was a great experience, and I'm sad that we won't be able to continue with him.

The woman who wrote me said that if I have any questions to call the sales team (aka front desk, which was the number listed).  She wrote down the names and emails of other hotel people, not connected to their events planning.  It appears as though they have not found an actual replacement for him yet.

So, what do I do?  All I've done so far is write this woman back and ask who my main point of contact would be.  I'm anxious to see what she says, because I would like to know what their plan is.  I have no idea what information about our reception was passed on, and to who.  I have a copy of our contract and receipt for the deposit, and I have every email exchange with their old coordinator.  Some stuff we've discussed was in person though, and I don't have email confirmation of it.  It wasn't for anything major, but it worries me a bit.

Has this happened to any of you?  I just don't know what to do.  For now, I'm just going to wait and see who this woman suggestions I speak to.  I'm also going to type up a list of every detail we discussed, and try and recall as much as possible from our meetings with him.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks for your help!

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    This happened to us. I found out less than two months before the wedding that the events manager had left. When I found out who the new person was, she was easy to work with. She had a file for us (no doubt left from the previous events manager), and I had forwarded her a couple of emails where we had indicated our preference. It ended up being just great, but I can understand why you're nervous.
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    i guess my first question is this: what is your concern? you have a contract correct? if youre worried about anything in particular then ask her otherwise i wouldn't be concerned.


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    Since you've written her once, I'd leave the ball in her court and let her reply.  I'd give it a week or so, and if she doesn't get back to you, you might try calling her and asking for an appointment to which you bring all your documentation to make sure you're on the same page.
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    I can understand your anxiety. Id feel the same way. Who knows, same could happen to me! You have some time to build a relationship with whoever is point person. If it were me, I would def. request a meeting for 2 make sure this person is on the same page and to calm my nerves!

    Meet with them and allow them to reassure you! ;) You deserve that!

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    Thanks everyone!  I know there's no real reason to worry.  These things just happen, and even if they don't have an official replacement yet, I'm sure they're equipped to deal with it.  We're just a little bummed, because the person we were working with was so fantastic.  But I'm sure this new person will be fine, whoever it is.  I think that this was one of those situations where I needed some reassurance that it will turn out ok, and I think we'll be fine!  Thanks so much!
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