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Honoring a special couple

Our wedding takes place on the 50th anniversary of my FMIL's aunt and uncle.  She has hinted (several) times that she would like to somehow honor them during the day.  I agree, and mentioned an announcement during the dance of married couples, but she seemed like she didn't think that was enough.  I have never met this couple, and neither has my fiance, but we would like to somehow honor them, as 50 years is quite recognizable.  Any ideas?

Thank you!

Re: Honoring a special couple

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    yes. she gave a request and you have agreed to mention it. if you thinkt he mention is appropriate (which I agree by the way-it's the perfect time to mention it AND keep it just to a mention not a party for them) tell FMIL that you will mention it at the anniversary dance and that is all.

    too bad if she doesn't think it's enough. it's enough. move on.


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    Really?  You and FI were asked to honor them, and you haven't met them?  On YOUR wedding day?  Sure, it's cool that they fall on the same day, and 50 years is a big anniversary, but come on.  Doing things like this is a nice thing to do, but if the people request it themselves, that's when I'm not a fan of it.

    I think you suggested a very nice option.  If she doesn't like it, that's her problem.  Off hand I can't think of any other ideas, but if you decide to do something other than the dance, don't run it by her.  You agreed to honor her, and she should trust you to come up with your own idea.  Just tell her it's a surprise, and she'll just have to wait for it.
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    I got married on September 15, my sister and BIL's anniversary was the 16th, which also happened to be the anniversary of another good friend.  During the reception we had the DJ play each of their First Dance songs so that they could have a nice moment if they wished.  No fanfare, no announcement, just the song.  Both couples danced and loved it.
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    We got married on my good friend's birthday. Since DH and I are both history nerds we put a "This Day in History..." on the back of our programs and had "YEAR: Wedding Guest XXX was born" on the back. If you're having programs, you could always have a quick mention there. Otherwise, I think the anniversary dance is more than enough.
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    An announcement sounds like plenty. I mean, jeez, what does she want you to do?
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