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Short-distance transportation?

Hoping for some advice / fun ideas...

The hotel, church, and reception site are all within 5 miles of eachother. Hotel to Church (5 miles), Church to Reception (0.5 miles), Reception to Hotel (4.5 miles).

Any suggestions for transportation of the wedding party + my fiance and myself to the church and then to the reception?

It seems silly to have a limo for such short distances, but don't really know the best way to get myself around without wrinkling/dirtying my dress!


Re: Short-distance transportation?

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    I don't know what your area has to offer specifically, but I have seen people do trolleys, house drawn carriage or wagon, classic cars, things along that line. Honestly though these things are going to cost you just as much if not more to rent them. You may feel silly that it's such a short distance, but you're doing it more for the convenience factor than anything else. Think of it that easy and it may seem not so silly!
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    Would town cars be an option in your area?
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    If you are going to be stopping anywhere along the way for photos with bridal party, a limo is nice because it keeps everyone together & you don't have to deal with parking for all the cars, the limo drops you off. The advantage of a limo bus versus stretch limo or town car is that it will be easier for you and brides maids to get in and out of without having to deal with your dresses not getting wrinkled.

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