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Out of creativity. Help!

So, I'm trying to figure out what the heck to do for centerpieces. I'm looking to have them as inexpensive as possible but still be pretty. I was thinking maybe candelabras, but I don't know where to get them. Lanterns are out because my cousin used them in a different way at her wedding last year and god forbid an element from one wedding be included at another. I ordered a manzanita tree online to check it out and the thing is ugly as sin, so there goes that. Ideally I'd have all table decor (chargers, runner if I need it, votives, and thing in the middle) at $50/table or less. I'll be having 12 tables. I'm having a winter wedding (January 4th) with red, white, and gold for colors. I want it to be very elegant. I'm just stumped.

Any ideas? Pictures? I'm open to just about anything.
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Re: Out of creativity. Help!

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    Where did you get the manzanita?  I got one from branches and blooms, and it was really nice. My centerpieces were manzanitas (florist-done, not DIY, though), so I love that look. Another way to get something similar is to use curly willow. It's cheaper than manzanita and available at most craft stores as well as online, of course. I just love the look of branches, especially for a winter wedding!

    I also love pinecones for decoration. 

    I know another former Knottie did something like this with cranberries:

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    itzMSitzMS member
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    I just did a Google Image search for "Red and Gold centerpieces". There are a zillion options.
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    Have you checked Pinterest?  That has been the best wedding resource ever! 

    For elegance, I like red roses.  And votive candles. 
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    Risers are made for centerpieces and will not hinder the view of the guests, less expensive also.I have them in gold and silver. You can either phone or email me. 727-597-1667. 
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    How about some white milk glass vases with red roses in them? Or just a clear glass vase (Goodwill has a zillion of them) with red roses and wrap the vase with a gold ribbon.
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    Those are good ideas! I ordered a freestanding manzanita tree from efavormart and it looked so cheap. I was really disappointed. I like the idea of roses but floral centerpieces can get very pricey in my area in off-season (I'm just north of Boston). I'll have the check out the curly willow, and I like the pinecone idea!
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    Floating one large flower in a beautiful large container (which you can resell, gift, save for your future holiday and family gatherings) with three small floating candles around it is a lovely look that would be within your budget. They'd make great centerpieces for Christmas or Easter or Passover.  Another 'look' with same basic idea is below. 

    a. A can of gold spray paint: home depot or ace hardware $5.00 (to spray the metal base of the bowl below) (get high glass or matte, whatever you like, oil-based paint, spray in a well-ventilated area or better yet on a porch or deck, but do a dropcloth of plastic trashbags or an old sheet, and wear old clothes. Let dry in a dry, sunny place at least two days before putting the glass top back on the base)

    b. BRANCH design footed glass bowl abput $40 including shipping, per bowl


    c. Fill with.... $5.00 for a large gold candle, $5.00 for mums in burgundy and gold tones (buy a bunch) -- also consider gold tone mums and cranberries....also consider the center candle to be ivory or white, and the flowers to be red and gold


    As mentioned, another way to rock this look is to have the candles be small floaters and the center be a large blossom such as a dinner plate dahlia.  These tend to be expensive flowers, but you could also get them silk.  they come in really deep rich burgundy and gold tones (the real flower and the faux flower)...and as your wedding is in the winter, they are in season, relatively speaking.         Just be really really careful about the combination of flames with flower petals, to avoid fire hazards.  Thus, what i show here is what I think is cheaper and safer, and my top recommendation.
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    We did three pillar candles on a mirror. It cost less than $20 a table. (We got the smaller candle holders at the Dollar Store, and the larger one at Target for $3. The floating candles are from IKEA-best deal ever-and then we got the mirrors from Joann's with a half off coupon. The flowers came from some place online.) We made them ourselves a couple months out and then the reception hall dropped the candles in for us that day.

    It was simple and pretty, or at least so I thought.

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