Is it a fact? Men don't give a CRAP about planning a wedding?

I'm not sure if its just me but my fiance is NOT interested at all in planning our weddng. He said tell him the time and the place and he'll be there! All he has done is set the date,  gone to see venues with me and do a cake tasting. As long as food is involved for him to taste he'll go. He doesn't care what color the theme is as long as it isn't pink. He said he wanted chicken fingers and chicken alfredo for the reception dinner and I almost fell on the floor! I don't want him to be super involved but why don't men care about this stuff. when I show him stuff online he is BORED!

 I honestly don't care that he doesn't care, I just feel selfish because it will be all MY wants and desires. Then he said "tell me what to give you money for and I'll give it to you as long as it isn't too much!"  Is there anyone else out there who is: A) has a fiance who is this hands off and B) feels really selfish and sometimes confused because I don't want it to be too much of "my" ideas and not do it together. Let me know.


Re: Is it a fact? Men don't give a CRAP about planning a wedding?

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    Not all grooms are like this. My husband was very helpful. When I first started wedding planning he tried that I will just show up crap but in the end he wanted his input included also.
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    My BIL was very much like this. He said, "just tell me when and where to be." Now knowing his wife, I am sure there were decisions that she made him participate in, like what food to serve, wedding dance, and input on the venue. But as far as the colors and decor, I don't think he was involved at all. HTH!
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    It is about what WE want, and as long as we are happy, then they are happy. But not all guys are like this. My fiance is letting me deal with alot of the decorations, but I do run the ideas by my first and he gives me his thoughts.
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    My fiance was pretty hands off as well. I asked him about a few things and didn't really get straight answers. SO, I just chose what we were having and what I wanted, then told him.
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    So it is you who may have sat on the floor with your Barbie and Cinderella books on the floor with the dream of the weddding, just maybe, like he, that dreams of his team winning the game. can hand me lists to keep him update. The things he may get involve, cake, and the music. He may be interested in the ride.

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    My fiance has said just let him know when and where and he will be there. He is paying 90% of the wedding so I cant really complain .lol Everyone is good at different things, most men have no interest in planning weddings no big deal.
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    My fiance is very involved and we are both working together to make it our wedding. but every couple is different, if he isn't really concerned he probably just trusts your taste and knows your not going to embarrass him with any choices he wouldnt be okay with. I wouldnt be too concerned, just run stuff by him anyways to see his reaction
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