Wedding Venue help!

Hi everyone! I am recently engaged and getting hitched in November 2013, need a venue ASAP! Its a south asian wedding and we are looking for a location that can host upto 350 people! 

Re: Wedding Venue help!

  • What's your budget? Do you want to provide your own catering or do you want an all inclusive venue?
  • We are catering ourselves, budget is negotiable, under $50
  • under $50? Good luck :)
  • its $50 per head
  • Is there a particular location you're looking at? I know there are a lot of places that can accomodate that many guests but if you're looking for a particular style wedding venue that might help narrow down your search. Sometimes a lot of wedding venues have particular caterers so it might help to look for a place that's not exclusive to their catering.
  • Two places I would check: 

    1.) The River Club in Suwanee, GA.  This is where I am having my wedding and she gave me a TREMENDOUS break on the price.  you will need to speak to Kathy, she's the catering manager and tell her that Nakita, her August 17th wedding told you about it.

    2.) The other venue is The Buford Community Center.  The price is reasonable BUT they book fast.  It is a beautiful location but you have to use their caterers.  if you need any future help, I don't mind sharing somethings I did to cut cost just send me a PM.Smile

    Hope that helps!!
  • Thanks y'all!  
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