Did you get married at Brasstown Valley??

Hi, everyone.  We're getting married at Brasstown Valley Resort in Oct.  I'm so excited!  I fell in love with this place online months before I saw it.  We always thought it was out of our price range, but decided to go just for a visit on Valentine's weekend.  We were so excited to find out that a Fri wedding was SO much cheaper, so we booked it!

Anywho, now that I've told you my life story... ;)
Have any of you been married there or been to a wedding there?  Specifically the sunset terrace/pavillion.  I'm dying to see real wedding photos and get reception decorationg ideas.  I want to keep it simple and rustic, yet elegant (tall vases with lighted branches and white paper lanterns hanging, etc).  Any ideas or thoughts from your own experience are greatly appreciated.   Also, did you use any paritcular vendors you loved?  We've already booked our phohtographer and almost sure of the DJ, but nothing else so far...  


Re: Did you get married at Brasstown Valley??

  • OMG, that venue is goooorgeous!!!

    I did a quick research for you in there and this is what I found:

    I hope it helps!

  • I dont have pics so this may not help but I actualy worked at BTVR for a while and it really is a gorgeous area to get married, I also like the waterfall lawn. There was nothing better than watching the wedding party walk by all dressed up and the flower girls.. so exciting! What you are describing sounds lovely with the laterns, etc
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