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  • How did it work out for you?  Any warnings or suggestions?  We have rented an event home in Nags Head for our daughter's wedding this Sept, 2015.  I am concerned about space and it feeling like a real wedding, etc.  Do you have any vendor suggestions?  Thanks!
  • It worked out beautifully! Even in gray skies and 40+mph winds, it was perfect! So that is my first piece of advice: you can't control the weather, so have a back-up plan just in case and roll with it. Do.not.get.stressed. No matter what, at the end of the day, they will be husband and wife, surrounded by the ones they love the most, celebrating this beautiful day!

    With that home, your will hav more than enough space. I stayed right next to it a few years ago and it is truly a beautiful and massive home. There is plenty of room on the beach too, so no need to stress about that either. Vendors are the ones we previously suggested, as well as using The Outer Banks Wedding Assoc.

    Btw......what does a "a real wedding" in your mind, consist of? Only asking to see if we can help ease some of those concerns :)


  • Artz Music and Photography!  Sue played the Violin during the ceremony and Dj'ed the reception.  Her husband, Matt was our photographer.  We loved them so much we asked them to come back the next day to treat our guests to family photos.  And for the last 2 years we've had family photos taken by them.  Awesome duo!

    Red Sky was great for catering.  

    We rented a huge (slept 22) home.  It was perfect at the beginning of May.  It's actually pretty warm there in Sept.    It'll be amazing!
  • Thanks for your reply.  This is a mostly young crowd who is going to want a lot of space to dance.  Because we are maxing out the house's capacity, I just want to make sure that there is a lot of space for dancing!  It will all work out.  I'm just a worry wort :)
  • I actually rented out that house the week of my wedding (we didn't actually have our wedding there) but you will have plenty of space for dancing.  If you just move the tables that are in the living space on the top floor to the side then you should be all good!  We had such a great week there!  There is not much room around the pool to do anything really so I wouldn't plan anything really for outside but that top level has soooooooooo much space.  Honestly there were times that everyone was on the top floor with people visiting from other hotels and it still felt empty up there so you should be good!

    I used Genevieve Stewart for my photography and could not have been happier!  We used Dave Keller as our officiant and loved him!  We also used Renee Landry for flowers/decor and could not have been more pleased.  Her and I just spoke the same language to each other.  We used Carolina Cupcakery for our cake/cupcakes but met also with Susan from Atlantic Cake Company and really liked her as well. 

    Anyway let me know if you need any advice since I have actually stayed there but you will not be sorry it is truly an amazing house!  Definitely a once in a lifetime experience there!
  • Just a note - Village Realty's event home owners have decided absolutely no more weddings in Village Realty homes for the 2016 season. 

    My parents used Village Realty for years before they purchased their own home in the Outer Banks. We naturally went to them first when my fiancee and I started planning a wedding and wanted to do a "beach house" wedding. We spoke at length for a few weeks with several realtors who were helpful and reliable to varying degrees. We placed "in advance" reservations for two homes. 

    Village Realty sent a rental agreement and then called me to ask us to make a deposit on one of the homes. During the conversation, the realtor nonchalantly mentioned "no more weddings" in event homes, per the owners. 

    Well, don't try to rent me the house then if you have notes on our account that's the whole purpose. 

    My fiancee and I understand Village Realty can't help what the owners decided, but 1) Before you send a rental agreement - and can't allow the whole purpose for renting the house, call and explain the new policy, and 2) DON'T assume and act surprised when we say we do not need the rental. They had notes on what we wanted. We chose both houses because they could do events. It's shady they didn't think to share this info with us before sending a rental agreement or even think to check our account notes before making a phone call asking for a payment. 

    They did get one owner whose house wasn't updated or particularly large to agree to an event, but it wasn't our first choice and after more hunting, we found much better homes - bigger kitchens, updated interiors, and bigger decks - for much better rates. Plus, the realtors from competing realty companies were honest and did the basics like reading notes on accounts before asking for deposits. 

    Last time we will use Village Realty. Disappointing and unprofessional behavior from their team of realtors. I expected much better from them. 
  • We got married at "Croatan Ridge" in Buxton. WOW what an amazing house and property! Very secluded and gorgeous views of the sound compared to many houses we toured on the ocean.
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