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time of year cost differences June/July

Hi girls! I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a vast difference in cost for vendors in mid June vs. the week of July 4th. We're currently comparing weekends and the potential cost differences in vendors is a major deciding factor. Thanks!

Re: time of year cost differences June/July

  • Unfortunately, there really is no price difference. Vendor pricing pretty much stays the same throughout the year, with the exception of a military discount or by attending the wedding expo in Jan and getting a discounted price if booked on the spot or within a set time frame. The only price changes would for rental homes in the off season. Peak season is from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Are you looking for anything particular? How many people/budget are you working with?


  • You might find some good deals in January, but I doubt there is a difference between June and Juky. Then again it doesn't hurt to ask. Are you planning 2013 or 2014. If 2013 then I would recommend getting a go on it. If you are 2014 you could always ask if they will honor 2013 prices if you book now. Our baker is doing that.
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