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DIY Beach House Wedding....Need a great interior space for "plan B" rain...

I'm hoping some of you will have some insight.  Maybe I'm picky, but I am hoping to find the right house with a gorgeous interior for setting up a dinner reception for about 50 people in case it rains.  

I love a particular home's outdoor space, however, I notice they don't allow the use of a tent outside.  In case of rain, there may be a problem.  The upstairs level seems a little small...and another bride said she had to move her dancing / dj down to the bottom level and split up the wedding between the 1st and 3rd floor when it rained on her wedding day.  This isn't ideal.  (Not to mention the bottom floor "game room" where the space for dancing would be is VERY casual and I am not sure it will feel as "elegant" as I would like for the feel of our wedding. 

I guess the idea is to find a space that is gorgeous inside to hold a nice dinner and dancing for a small wedding.... I love the Mark Twain house but I'm not sure that we want all of our guests to stay under one roof.  (I have a question about this home on another post)

Any brides out there been married in the outer banks and have a house you would suggest?

Re: DIY Beach House Wedding....Need a great interior space for "plan B" rain...

  • Ooops.... Here's the link to the Mark Twain house. (the other I mentioned)
  • Have you looked into The Wild Horse?  That is also in the 4x4 area, so just make sure whomever is staying in the house is aware of that and will need a 4wd to get back n forth.


  • Yes, I have looked at the Wild Horse... it's awesome, just like the Mark Twain but I think it's out of my budget.

    My daughter's wedding was at the Grande Ritz Palm home in Duck. It is listed with Carolina Designs. It is sound side with a private sound beach for the ceremony. It does not allow tents. Fortunately we had beautiful weather! The rain plan was to move the ceremony and reception inside, and to just stay positive, make the best of it and go with the flow. Including the wedding party there was a total 96 people.


    The middle balcony area had 4 rectangle tables (seating for 8 and/or 10 at each table). We had tables on the pool level area and there were three tables on the roof deck of the bar area. The sunset on the sound was amazing the evening of the wedding and just about every evening of the entire week! There is a gazebo out on the sound, we had a table set up out there so that guest could wonder out during the reception.

    If you look at the website of the picutes of the house, the grand staircase area was were they would have had the ceremony if it rained. If you have any questions about the GRP feel free to ask!
    (mother of the bride)
  • Thank you so much!  I'll check the website!
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