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Looking for videographer recommendations

We already have a great photographer (Jennings King photography) but decided we do want to add in a videographer. Does anyone have any recommendations?


Re: Looking for videographer recommendations

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    Check out Dreampop Media!
    A fun, young couple that are absolutely wonderful to work with and do AMAZING work! 
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    Creekhouse Productions is on the lower end cost-wise, but their stuff looks really nice! I've heard/seen great things about Life in Rewind and just realized that a recent featured wedding (not that I can remember where I saw it for the life of me!) was photographed by Jennings King and video was Life in Rewind. Maybe ask your photographer who they prefer to work with?
  • Options Ask Shawn to email you one of their full films. I watched it twice in a row (which was an hour) and cried and laughed!! I was so amazing that I was speechless!! It was a little out of my budget, but I will skimp somewhere else cuz this is something I would love to show my future children!
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    @ktkwedding: would you mind sending me the quote, or at least package info, in a PM? they are on my planner's list, and I have watched the clips on their site and they're definitely a top contender.

    I also get super emotional watching other people's weddings!
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    I haven't decided on one yet but was referred to this guy out of Columbia: No travel fee to charleston. Best rates I've seen for the quality offered.
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