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South Carolina-Charleston

Suggestions on Venue in Charleston

Hello fellow brides! After much deliberation, my fiance and I decided to forego the planning for a wedding of 80+ and have decided to get married in Charleston with just our parents and siblings (8 guests). We are still waivering on inviting a few other close family members (but it will be not more than 20). It has been so stressful to plan a wedding and coordinate with everyones schedule, making sure our guests (all of fiancé's family is from NY, mine are in NC ) make sure we please everyone, etc. We were tired of OUR day becoming what everyone else wanted, so Charleston is what we chose because we always said it would be the perfect place for us.

With all this being said, there are a couple things we would really like. Outdoor ceremony is a must. I love the Victorian theme, gardens, historic homes, architecture, greenery and definitely do not want to be married indoors ( just a personal thing). Some place that would accomodate 20 or fewer people, and not just charge one flat rate regardless of party size. Would like an option of being able to have a reception at a local restaraunt or decent priced reception at the same venue. Our budget is $3000 total. Is this possible? Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated! We love the historic homes but not sure if all of them do weddings, does anyone know of historic locations that do not do weddings.

Re: Suggestions on Venue in Charleston

  • Check out Confederate Home and Garden on Broad St.  It is a flat rental fee but it is pretty reasonable, we paid $625 in 2011 (and tax deductible!).  You will have to bring in rental chairs, but those you can get for about $2/each depending on the style you pick.  Here are some pics from my wedding there, we had 30 people total: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150160693428723.292785.90704383722&type=3

    And then I would recommend Carolina's for a small reception.  They have a private room but I'm not sure if they charge a fee to use it.  Fantastic food, amazing service, romantic ambiance, and right near the waterfront park (different from the Battery park) if you wanted to get some pictures there.

    And if you want someone to set everything up for you (if you don't want to employ a friend or family member) then I recommend Candice of Yoj Events.  She charged me $250 to set up my ceremony chairs, put my flower arrangements at the restaurant (we had our reception at McCrady's), and I also paid her to do my bouquets and centerpieces and a few other decorations, in addition to setting up everything that I made.  It was nice to just hand all of the set up off to her and not have to worry about it or have a family member tied up doing that work instead of enjoying the wedding with you.  I thought $250 was definitely worth it. 

    I think you can make it work for $3000 if you keep it to 20 or less people and think outside the box.  We had our wedding on a Sunday at noon with a lunch reception which saved a lot of money.  Plus side was that parking is free at meters downtown, and parking is always something to keep in mind down here!
  • How about Azalea Park in Summerville? That's where my fiance proposed, and it is absolutely beautiful!!! (I know its not technically Charleston, but it is SO pretty!)
  • Maybe check out white gardens in downtown Charleston at the gazebo it is great spot to get married an its perfect for small weddings! And there are tons of great places for a reception dinner like Poogans porch or a small reception at the Palmer house. Good luck!
  • Just keep in mind a back up plan in case it rains in whatever garden/park you choose.  The good thing about the Confederate Home is that they have really gorgeous historic rooms on the property that could serve as a back up if it rains.  We can get some pretty torrential downpours here that you do not want to be caught in a park in your dress without a roof over your head!  The Whitepoint Gardens that someone else mentioned does have a gazebo, but I don't think you could fit 30 people under it comfortably if it was raining.
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    If you havent found a venue, check out the Jacob Bond House in I'On a beautiful upscale community in  Mount Pleasant across the bridge from downtown Charleston  It is only $500 to rent the private dining room and courtyard for the entire day . Similarily  the Post Office Restuarant  in Mount Pleasant is very popular small venue with a  private dining room  and  a courtyard.
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    My husband and I are thinking about having a vow renewal sometime in the near future, and I've been looking a Charleston since I went to C of C. I've about decided on High Cotton. For 20 people the packages they have would be very reasonable for you. They have the French Quarter Room that has a nice patio off of it. I would think that you could fit 20 people out there for a ceremony and then have the reception inside. If not, I would go to Washington Park off of Meeting Street. Whitepoint Gardens is insanely popular and not very private so not only will you have to fight for the date that you want, you will probably have a bunch of tourists looking on.


    Good luck!

  • Katiewest..

    I called to ask for pricing on the Confederate House this week and the price I was quoted was $1700.  Curious if you got married on a weekday...hence the cheaper rate.  I know that was 3 years ago...but it doesn't seem like the price would have increase by that much!
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