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So I got married on Saturday... and it was the BEST night of my life. I was SOOO lucky and picked GREAT vendors.... so I figure I would share my vendor list with all of you. THANK You to eveyone on these message boards who helped us find these great vendors. 

Venue- Palm Events Center- Seriously the BEST venue. They do like 2 weddings a weekend, but they still know how to make you feel special.  They didn’t charge a bunch a fees… and the did the BEST job. The food was AMAZING…. Our guests all thought it was the best wedding food. Perfect 10

Day of Cordinator- Eventful days- Jill. If you do one thing for your wedding HIRE JILL… SHE MADE MY WEDDING… I was the calmest bride ever because I had her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HIRE JILL… she was not very expensive…. And I would have paid her twice as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photographer- Jim Vetter- His pictures were BEAUTIFUL. He had our slideshow 3 days after our wedding… If you direct message me….I’ll send you the link so you can see them. I would say Jim gets a 9 out of 10, because he is a true artist, and wanted the perfect shot… so it took a bit longer to set up each shot than I would have liked on my wedding day… but I wish I had more patients, as the pictures he took were PERFECT.

DJ- We went with Sir Edgar…. He ROCKED IT… might be the best wedding DJ I have ever heard. He kept out dance floor full… and even out performed our band. I’ll give him a 10

Band- The Peelers- So they would have been GREAT, but their lead signer Ian, was not able to make it… everyone still thought they were great….  I was a bit disappointed. It you can get Ian… this is a MUST book… they are very reasonable…. Without Ian... they were like a 7.... 

Cake- Bev Tanka (Cakes by Bev) So this is another perfect 10 vendor!!!!!!!!! She books up VERY far in advance… but her cakes taste the BEST. Also she is SUPER reasonable….

Flowers- Delford West- This was a surprise vendor… I went a bit cheap on the flowers… but his flowers were SOOOO beautiful…. I was really pleased. Working with him was easy.

Photobooth- Smilecity- I am not sure if you can love your photobooth…. But the pictures were great. They were easy to work with… and I was very happy with them.

Hair and Make up- I used Lisa Teller and Jen Isreal for hair and make up. They were SUPER reasonable… did a great job, and were fun to hang out with.  My girls LOVED them...J


Firepits- We wanted wine Barrel Firepits- which we got from Videflame. They were beautiful…. And our guests loved them…. We did a smore’s kit for our favors…. And people could take the smores kit outside to the firepits. 

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