Barn Venues in RIchmond, VA?

We're getting married October 5, 2013.
I am desperately trying to find a barn/rustic venue for our country wedding!!
The original plan was to have it on his family's property, but that bottomed out when we realized how much labor was going to have to go into cleaning up the place and building a new barn.
My fiance lives in Beaverdam, so anywhere around that area. We're also on a tight-ish budget.
I don't mind if its a private residence or a place like Ashland Berry Farm! Need help!!!
Thanks y'all!!

Re: Barn Venues in RIchmond, VA?

  • If price and rentals are your concern, I may not be of much help. The vintager Inn has a barn, but it is may be booked, and the price might be too much. Not sure your budget You can google it.. Are you wanting to have the wedding in the barn or do you just want it in the background?

    It is difficult to find barns that you can actually hold a ceremony in (i.e renovated, heated/ac). The Vintager is. Other than that, there is nothing in Richmond. Charlottesville/Southwest Virginia have ton. Google barn weddings in Charlottesville, and you will come up with a lot.

    There is also Adams International School in Goochland, but again, it is not renovated/heated. It is more for pictures than use inside. If you private message me, I can offer more details during my search. I, too, was looking for a barn wedding.
  • It may be too far but location #2 from Historic Beach Staton in Chesterfield, VA has a pretty may also be out of budget...
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