WARNING!! Do not go to Christine's Cake Creations

She is rude and her tastings are a joke!! You get about 5 tastings that are no bigger than a mini muffin (a mini muffin is actually bigger) and about a half size in diameter to SHARE with your FI. They are the equivalent to the small pieces you get at bridal shows. I told her I was having additional people at our tasting and she said she would have additional cake for them to taste--there was nothing for them to taste.

To top things off she charged $20 for the pitiful tasting. Bitch made sure to cash the check early on Monday because I am sure sure she has had people put stop payments on their payments. I was tempted to, but didn't.

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Re: WARNING!! Do not go to Christine's Cake Creations

  • In Response to WARNING!! Do not go to Christine's Cake Creations:
    She was reccommended to me by a co-worker. When I called she was rude over the phone and she seemed to be bothered and annoyed by my questions, I asked about tastings and she said that tastings were hard for her to do bc she has to make everything from scratch out of her home kitchen. 

    Based on her rude tone and unprofessionalism over the phone I will be going somewhere else for my wedding cake. 

    I willl pay more money for Service and a professional attitude. 

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