Tuxedo rentals that fit?

I know this topic has been broached before but I didn’t quite find the information I was looking for by searching. I am looking for a place to rent tuxedos for my groomsmen. I am having a bespoke tuxedo made for me out here in LA (where I live) but would never dream of asking my groomsmen to drop that kind of cash for my wedding, so I am looking for a place that rents tuxedos in the Kitchener/Waterloo or Toronto area (I would be willing to go to Toronto to make my groomsmen look good).

Anyway, here is my issue. I have rented a number of tuxedos in my life from the big dealers (Men's Warehouse, Moors etc) and they all have been hideous potato sacs meant for a 300 pound man (all of my groomsmen have thin to athletic body types so no potato sacs needed here). As far as I’m concerned fit is 85% of what makes a suit/tux look good so this issue is paramount. I have realistic expectations and know when renting the fit will be nothing close to perfect but does anybody know of a place in K/W area or the GTA that rents relatively nice fitting tuxedos and produces this nice fit reliably?

Thank you for your time.

- Kyle

PS If you've had a positive experience and could share a picture or two that would be fantastic!

Re: Tuxedo rentals that fit?

  • We just began looking at tuxedo's as well & Moore's carries a Vera Wang 'slim fit'. The pants & shirt both in both slim fit & regular fit... the slim fit worked well for all the men!
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    My FI is wearing the Vera Wang 'slim fit' from Moore's! He looks very "wow" in it! (He's tall and slim)
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  • Ditto - FI is tall and slim and the only suit he looked good in was from the Vera Wang Black Collection at Moore's
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  • A lot of the tuxedo rental places are now carrying the slim fit lines...there`s a Calvin Klein one at Tip Top.  That`s the one my husband wore at our wedding and you have to request the non-pleated pants - that`s really what makes a difference.
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