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It's after Easter, therefore...Hallelujah!

After many months of my FIs childhood church NOT being able to find his confirmation records, and his parents and us having to jump through many hoops, and my father having to call in a favor from the Bishop in our diocese, we FINALLY HAVE A NEW CONFIRMATION CERTIFICATE!!  We are locking that thing up ASAP in our safe.  

When I started gathering our sacrament paperwork, and found out they had lost his, I literally cried to a very unsympathetic church secretary who actually hung up on me.  I feel like such a huge weight has been lifted and now am feeling more invigorated to work on our premarital counseling and trying to strenghten my own faith.  

...seriously though, how does a church and diocese not have computerized records in this day and age?

Previously Alaynajuliana

Re: It's after Easter, therefore...Hallelujah!

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