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Wedding under $7000

Hi, I am looking to do a destination wedding on the west coast, really anywhere as long as we are by the beach. I would like to keep the guest list around 35-50 people but I am having a hard time finding a reception idea that doesnt ask for a minimum $$ including food and beverage costs because with 35-50 people it will not meet that expectation. Id like the ceremony on the beach and an inside venue with a view of the beach. Any suggestions would be awesome!! Thank you!
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Re: Wedding under $7000

  • Yes definitely! Looks gorgeous. How much are u spending on drinks/food? What city is this in? Thx for Ur post!
  • Oh and do u have ceremony info? Thx
  • This is on Siesta Key, in Sarasota, FL.  Catering can be found for around 20/person, and this place you can bring your own alcohol.  We are having to rent tables, linens, etc too so it will be closer to about $90-100/person with the quotes we are getting for about 50 people.  If you don't want it too formal, you could set up a buffet and pick up (or have family do it) the catering for a lower cost event.

    We are having our ceremony down in front of the ocean, and then reception inside/outside.  Here is like the only example of a wedding at this venue that I've found online:
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