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so i really hope that ya'll can help me out. our ideal wedding date is set for 5/10/15 and we having a really hard time finding a rustic/barn/country venue where you can also have the ceremony, for less than 50 people. with out paying a boat load of extra money just because we don't have 100 guests. willing to travel about 2 to 2.5hrs from buffalo ny or cowlesville ny. 

Re: rustic/barn/country venues

  • Are you located in Buffalo? 

    The summer camp I worked at hosts weddings occassionally. They don't go out of their way to promote it, but if someone inquires they usually let you. It's a on private lake, very rustic, lots of places you could hold the ceremony. And the dining hall is big enough to more than comfortably hold 50 people. You'd have to bring in your own catering though. It's Camp Talooli located just outside of Phoenix NY, in case you're interested. 
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  • we actually live in cowlesville ny its on the border of Erie and Wyoming county. but most of my family lives in the wny region. like lancaster cheektowaga and buffalo. his family lives out of state. so  yeah. ill have to check it out. but i have no clue where phoenix ny is. lol
  • Ahhh, okay. Phoenix is just north of Syracuse. You'd get better answers from the NY-Western board then- Clicky
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  • thanks girl this is all new to me lol. thanks a bunch. and good luck on ur special day.
  • We were having the same problem looking for a nice rustic/shabby/chic kind of place for less than 50 people and that wasn't asking an arm and a leg! At Green Lakes in Fayetteville, NY there is a gorgeous stone cottage looking building called the Old Administration Building. Max capacity is approx 60 people. Huge stone fireplace inside, walls are stone and there are big wooden rafters. It's right near the lake too and there's these big stone steps that come down from the building towards the lake. You can bring in outside caterers, DJ's and they allow alcohol as well. We paid $250 to rent it for the entire day! You have to go look at it to appreciate it because it's really hard to find good pictures of it online. It's kind of a hidden gem and I haven't seen it advertised on any wedding websites I've looked at. I heard of it through a co-worker. Also, Skyline Lodge at Highland Forest was our second choice. Much larger space, and I believe it was $500 to rent out the facility for the day. Beautiful scenery outside because it's way up on a hill, but you're required to use their caterers which are Orchard Valley Catering. Hope this helps! Good luck and congrats!
  • I know of this place in wyoming, I believe is by Birncliff (sorry I believe is how it spells) country club and conference center called La Esposita Bonita, which means "the beautiful wife" and it is stunning. I don't believe they have a website but i found them on Facebook, after my sister's friend had a photo shoot there for her portfolio.
     I do not know about their prices...all I know is that its private and has a barn. Hope this helps and good luck!!!

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