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Bachelorette part help

I know it's still a ways away, but my friends and future bridesmaids are already talking bachelorette party ideas and a few of them have talked about Vegas.  The "I want Vegas" and "I've always wanted to go to/ do a bachelorette party in Vegas" have already been thrown around and said.  The problem is, I know it's what they want to do but it's not me at all.  A night out, being surrounded by friends and having drinks is fine and sounds fun, but I really don't want it to be in Vegas.  I know that it's their party that they are planning, but how do I suggest nicely that a Vegas party is far from who I am or what I would like?

Re: Bachelorette part help

  • I would just be honest say you know Vegas is pricey and not really me. I would rather do dinner and drinks closer to the wedding that way many more ppl can come.
    I had this issue as well and my problem was that I went to college in Vegas and all my wedding party except me and my sister lived in Vegas so they started planning a Vegas bachorlette party and realized it was going to be pricey-like 500 a person between 10 girls. I would not have had my sister there b/c she could not afford that, my mom probably would not have come or my sister-in laws or my cousions when I pointed this out-they asked for ideas and we ended up doing the bike bar, going on a brewery tour, dinner and drinks in fort collins a few days before the wedding.
    I would drop hints about dinner and drinks-maybe Dave and Busters-that is what my groom's party did for him. if the hints do not work u may have to come out and say it-remember this is about u and if Vegas is not ur thing ur freinds should understand,
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