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Hi ladies-  I am in need of help please.  My parents live in Belligham and I would love to do a family picture there this summer- there are 15 of us and I would LOVE it in Boulevard park.  I live in CT and have NO idea of photographers.  Can you recommend a good one please?  Thanks!

Re: Photographers in Bellingham

  • Hi there!

    I was married in Bellingham, so I know a few photographers that will travel there :) 

    Kristin Harris Photography. She was AMAZING (our chosen photographer and I would use her again in a heartbeat) 

    Vintage Bird Photography : 
    She is from Skagit Valley so very local, newer to the scene but incredibly talented. I think she may have moved to Oregon recently, but visits the valley a lot. You could probably time that one well.

    Michele Waite:
    I have heard good things about her, but cannot vouch myself. She is right there in Bellingham
  • Melisa Draper, she mostly does weddings but families as well, her and her husband are HILARIOUS and make you feel so comfortable! They're doing out wedding/engagement pics. Also, b.jones photography, she is out of Everett technically but is from Bellingham so she's up there all the time. She does a ton of family stuff as well and is reasonably priced.
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