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Budget Wedding: Venue options in San Diego

Does anyone know of any good venue options in San Diego for a really good price?  We have a 10K budget for 70 ppl at the most (prolly only expecting 50-60) and only want to allot $5K towards venue/catering/rentals/alcohol).  

Any insight would help! We also plan on possibly doing it in November, and will probably resort to doing it indoors to avoid stress of any weather changes.

Re: Budget Wedding: Venue options in San Diego

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    I'm not sure of what theme you are going for or where in San Diego you are located, but I have a friend who is getting married this November with a very similar budget and is getting married up at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center. From the pictures she showed me it's a very rustic looking place, but very pretty! Good luck! :)
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    I am looking for a venue myself and stubbled across the Mission Beach Women's Club. The rental fee is $1,200 on Saturdays and $1,000 any other day.  That comes with 120 chairs and tables.  Also has a patio with tables and chairs. We are considering it for our venue, the only thing for us is the max compacity is 120 and we plan to have between 100-125 guest so it would be a tight fit for us.  The patio has a Bay view and you can get married on their patio for free or on the lawn/sand area on the bay, you will need a permit, i think she told us it was $273 and you would need to rent chairs, theirs can't leave the venue.  You get your own choice of cater.  We are going to be using this is my fiance's co-workers company and they seem to have reasonable pricing.  The venue also has an ipod hook up so you can use that to save money with a DJ. 

    Another option we looked at was the Mission Valley Resort.  It wasn't GREAT but it was good.  depending on what your looking for.  they have a courtyard with a gazebo for your ceremony and where the cocktail hour would be held.  the room for the reception is nice sized, we were quoted about 6,000 for 125 guest, with chair covers.

    Hope this helps! :)
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    Whoops forgot to mention, when we went to the women's day club we met with Nancy and it was set up for 50-60 people for a retirement party and the flow was nice!
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