Two Showers, Two Gifts?

Hi ladies,

I am a bridesmaid in my friends wedding this summer. We (the bridesmaids) just threw her a shower in Mass (where she is from). Her fiancees mother is throwing another shower for her in CT for family there (where he is from) and invited me and another bridesmaid because we both live in CT. His mother is planning the shower on her own (we offered to help, but she said she was good). Question is, do I need to bring a gift to both showers? I gave her a gift at her MA shower and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to give another one at the CT shower! Help! 

Re: Two Showers, Two Gifts?

  • As a bride, I would absolutely not expect my bridesmaids to give me two shower gifts. That would be crazy greedy.
  • It's not expected at all. The general rule is that the bridesmaids are invited to all showers as a courtesy. You don't need to bring gifts to all if them.
  • This is exactly my situation except reversed! I am from CT and my FH's family is all in MA. Ideally I would love one shower where our families meet and get together but realistically I know it will be two.
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