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I woke up yesterday freaking out that we hit the 50 days to go mark and decided to move all of our wedding items into the dining room.  They were in the spare room but now I feel like I need to go through it all.  Am I crazy for wanted to label everything??
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  • As soon as my sister-in-law got engaged and started getting items for the actual wedding, she bought a rubbermaid tote and put everything in there.  So, no, I don't think you're crazy. :)
  • Not crazy. I separated items into different boxes based upon which days or locations we would need them. It made my life so much easier to send one box to the venue, one box to my room, one box to the car for the rehearsal dinner. 
  • lol not crazy at all.  a woman after my own heart (i can be a bit of an organization freak myself)  our wedding isn't until october but our items are already taking over the guest room in VERY SPECIFIC BAGS AND LOCATIONS NOT TO BE TOUCHED!!!  (thank god my fiance loves me enough to put up with me lol)

    i'm sure i'll get nuttier as it gets closer :-D
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