Hotel Welcome Bags??

Hey Ladies

Just wondering if any of you are or have done hotel welcome bags for out of town guests and have any fun idea's for them....

i like the Do Not Disturb signs they are a cute idea....looking for some other ideas too


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Re: Hotel Welcome Bags??

  • We did them, here's a list of what we included.  I'd recommend it, it seems to be pretty standard these days.  I love getting the welcome bag when I go to weddings.   

    --welcome letter w/ a list of local restaurants/activities
    --two bottles of water
    --two foxon park sodas (we live and got married in New Haven)
    --Yale pen
    --stamped New Haven postcard (we suggested in the welcome letter that people drop us a line and were hoping to come back from our HM to a bunch of postcards, but only one person did, oh well!)
    --vial of advil
    --packet of tissues
    --our favorite snacks (we did chex mix, pretzel M&Ms, and double stuf oreos-all our faves)

  • The welcome bags I have gotten ususally include a cute themed item in addition to the water, snacks, info. My friend, for instance did a personalized beach ball for her wedding on Block Island.

    Has anyone run into the issue of having to pay to get your welcome bags delivered? I am getting married at Lake of Isles which is owned by Foxwoods, and the Foxwoods hotels do not allow bags to be handed out a the check-in desk, and charge $5 per bag for them to be distributed to guests' rooms, which seems like an outrageous fee to me. We are trying to figure out if we can stash them in one of the bridesmaids rooms and just direct people there to pick them up, but haven't found an easy way to do that. Or we might just have to not do them. Any suggestions?
  • We are doing a bag with snacks, a couple bottles of water, directions from the hotel to the venue and a pez dispenser to represent CT (and my love of candy :) ) We also included packets of advil and pepto.

    Khoffman, our hotel charges 2.50 for them to be delivered, but luckily our hotel also distributes them to the guests at the front desk  at checkin for free. $5 a bag does seem pretty high.

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  • We did them. I picked up a bunch of local maps and attraction brochures to put in the bags, along with some water bottles, aleve, an apple and a welcome letter. They seemed pretty empty but it was fun anyway.
  • On the Foxwiods question, we had the same issue I refused to pay per bag for delivery so we just didn't do welcome bags. I thought about having someone deliver them but the coordination was going to be too difficult. Another option which I considered and never asked about was loading them on the shuttle after the reception so guests could take them as late night snacks. We cannot say enough good things about Lake of Isles and hope you enjoy it!
  • The Omni in New Haven did charge us to deliver the bags, but we only had about 8 rooms for out of towners, so we just dealt with it.  If we'd had dozens of bags, I would have been annoyed!  They wouldn't give them out at check in.
  • Awesome ideas!!!!!!

    Thanks a bunch

    I called our hotel and they dont charge :) so i am in luck!!!!!

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  • I did hotel bags at the Middletown Inn (they don't charge).  In them I put all things from/related to CT:

    -welcome poem
    -pepperidge farms cookies
    -Uconn water bottles
    -Lyman Orchards apples
    -Foxon Park soda
    -Munson chocolates

    It was fun and the guest loved it!
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