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FI and I are facing a hugely stressful dilemma regarding our date. Our wedding on the Eastern CT shoreline was originally scheduled for July, but we've run into a major issue with our venue which is causing us to re-book the date. Unfortunately, at this point, the only other dates they still have available are in either late August or late October.

Overall, I don't mind the idea of getting married in August because the weather is still summery and good for beach-going, as I had intended. However, the one date they still have open in August happens to fall just two days after my birthday... and I really hate the idea of my birthday and anniversary permanently being so close together. In addition, FI and I are planning to honeymoon in Florida, and late August is one the worst possible times for us to be down there because of the elevated hurricane threat.

On the other hand, because we're getting married by the shore, I really don't like the thought of opting for October. Though the ceremony and reception will both be indoors, a huge part of the reason that we chose our venue is because of its location. We have many out-of-towners attending from FI's side of the family. While they have indicated that they will make every effort to show up regardless of when the date is, most of them have never been to New England (some haven't even been to the ocean). A number of them are also planning to take a full week vacation here, and I feel like it would be selfish of me to have them come to the CT shoreline at a time of year when they will not even be able to enjoy the beach and related activities as they originally planned. I know the foliage here is beautiful in October, but if I had wanted to have my wedding in the fall, I most likely would have picked a different venue altogether.

Sorry for the long post... I'm just so stressed over this. What would you do in my situation? Is it wrong of me to even consider October given the fact that my guests have been expecting to attend during the summer? Any advice would really be appreciated.

Re: Wedding date dilemma

  • You don't like the idea of your birthday and anniversary being really close together, which I can totally understand. But think of it this way- you'd have a better excuse to take weekend trips or vacations in the future, because both dates are close together and you'd be having a larger celebration. 

    Your other reason to dislike August is your honeymoon. Honeymoons can be taken at a later date, you wouldn't have to go immediately after you're married. Andplusalso, I've been to Florida in August. Once we even went down the week after a hurricane had gone through, and we were still able to do everything we had planned (and the people were glad to have our tourism $$). 

    Honestly, since your event is completely inside, either date would be perfectly fine. If your guests aren't from New England, they probably wouldn't want to swim in our waters at *any* date, because it'll never be warm enough, ha. And beaches are everywhere; our beautiful fall foliage is not everywhere. So take deep breaths, consider your FI's opinion, and just pick one.

    And bug your venue to get some of your money back for causing so much trouble!
  • Have you talked to your other vendors to see if they have those dates available?  That might help you make your decision.  I personally would choose August for the reasons given by Moonlight Silver. 

    We chose our date because it was near both of our birthdays.  H's birthday is June 5, mine's June 25th and our wedding was June 30th.  Each year we combined our birthdays and took a vacation or did something we wouldn't do on an everyday basis (took a cruise, went to a Yankees game, and Hawaii for our honeymoon).  This year we will be going to Vegas in July to celebrate all 3 occasions.  We love having them so close because then we don't get meaningless gifts for each other and instead we do something for both of us.
  • Take your honeymoon at a later date. I'm getting married May 17, but not taking my honeymoon until mid September. There isn't a rule that states you have to take your honeymoon within 24-48 hours of getting married. It's not null and void after that.
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    I third (fourth?) the idea of holding your honeymoon at a later date.  We are getting married in December, but will probably not honeymoon until next summer, because I'm a teacher, and I lost April vacation this year (Thanks, Sandy and Charlotte!)

    I would lean more towards August for your wedding, simply because you've already purchased everything (I assume) for a summer event.

    ETA: Also, forgot to add that my birthday is in December, so we've got that, plus our anniversary, and Christmas all in one block of time. 

    Good luck!
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