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Cape Cod on beach ceremony & reception - June 2014

50-60 guests, ceremony with sand between toes, rolled up pant legs, guests flip flops, laid back reception BBQ or buffet (quality of food important), back up plan if rain (venue have outside porch), wedding tent on site would be ideal... budget $5-6K ... doable?  Thought about home wedding but cost to rent tent, tables, linens approx $1,500.  Please help me plan my dream wedding... Love, gail

Re: Cape Cod on beach ceremony & reception - June 2014

  • You need to seriously reconsider your budget for your dream.  I was with you up until you said how much you want to spend.  We wanted to have our wedding at the Wychmere in Harwich until I saw the price tag.  Look them up and see what I mean.  http://www.longwoodevents.com/Venues/wychmere-beach-club.shtml

    We ended up getting married on the beach in Cohasset at Sandy Beach.  But, our reception was at the Atlantica in Cohasset on the harbor.  You'd need a bigger budget here too.  
  • Hi and thank you for your post and honest comments...  Congratulations ... may you have a life together always filled with love, good health, joy & peace.  I will look into your suggestion ! Best, gail
  • Your plans sounds wonderful, but anything that sounds that wonderful that will fit into that budget is probably already booked for this June. Nothing wrong with backyard option. That is what my niece is doing for her event. As long as you rent a tent in case of rain, a port a pottie, and you have plenty of parking by your home for probably 25+ cars, I would go that route. Find a nice local resturant that provides catering (you can probably get great suggestons on the local board) even if it's just dropping off the food at your home & setting it up. Good luck & congrats!

  • 5-6K in New England? On the beach? You definitely need to change budget or plans.
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