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South Shore of MA-- where can I have a tented wedding??

I'm having THE hardest time finding a venue!! Please help!! I need a venue that's fairly mid point between Brooklyn NY and Lakes Region NH-- so I'm thinking Worcester to Bridgewater MA area. We are on a TIGHT bugdet!! Looking for a beautiful place that we can have a tented wedding or a very reasonably priced indoor locale. 

I found The Villa in Bridgewater MA and absolutely loved the tented evening wedding pictures-- but they are crazy expensive--but to give an idea, that's what we'd love, the couch seating, evening lights, beautiful tent. 

We're starting to think maybe a vineyard/orchard or beach might be an option but Im just not familiar with the areas we're having the wedding at and I've no idea where to start

DOES ANYONE know of any places we can try that are super budget friendly (if they don't include anything, that's fine, we're good with not having an all inclusive wedding package) 

Re: South Shore of MA-- where can I have a tented wedding??

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    If you post this on your local board (links to the left), you are likely to get more area-specific responses. Good luck!
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  • What is your budget exactly?
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