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Destination Wedding Planning - Ahhhh!!

Hi all! I am newly engaged and already overwhelmed by everything involved in planning a destination wedding. My fiance and I are hoping to get married in Key West this fall. We are wanting to do a ceremony and reception at the same venue. Have been contacting all the resorts and getting positive vibes from some. Wondering the importance of hiring a wedding planner. Since we will be planning long distance, is it essential to have a wedding planner? Forking over the extra $$, makes me want to do it all by myself. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any feedback on Key West wedding planners and if they think it's necessary for the big day! Thanks so much!


Re: Destination Wedding Planning - Ahhhh!!

  • If it's an all inclusive venue then more than likely you will have a wedding coordinator who will make everything runs accordingly for your ceremony and reception. Also, he/she will help you or at the very least suggest vendors for your other remaning items. That is the wonderful thing of all inclusive venues. My best suggestion is to ask the wedding coordinators you contact what is their role from the moment you book the venue to the day of the wedding. Some will work with you until the very end and some will just guide you. If it's the first scenario then no need to hire a wedding planner. 
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    When I first started looking at planners one girl sent me an article about how a site coordinator is not a wedding planner...I just couldn't bit the bullet and wanted to allocate more of my budget towards other stuff, and I really thought that our amazing venue would be everything I needed. Fast forward 2 months and I ended up hiring Danielle Pearson as my Day of Coordinator (really month of and then some) - she saved me $800 in the first week. I wish I had hired her sooner! She has the best vendor recs (all a better value than the ones I'd spent hours of my own time researching, and any time I mention her name they throw in extras or cut the price because they love working with her.) Hire a planner, hire a planner, hire a planner. Even if it's only a DOC, you will never look back ESPECIALLY for a destination wedding (I'm from Florida but planning from Chicago). I can't say enough amazing things about Danielle and I know she does destination weddings, but even if you go with someone local to the area (who might have more contacts with vendors) I think you'll be a very happy destination bride Laughing
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