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Bridesmaid gone bad

I need outside opinions. One of my bridesmaids has been so mean and unsupportive. She has talked crap about me and my FI. She gets mad because I go with what I want and not what she wants and has given me problems about anything imaginable. She has been helpful but has also made me upset, stressed, and feeling bad about myself. My mother said to tell her to return everything because she doesn't want to wear the shoes I picked out for them, but I honestly don't know what to so.

Re: Bridesmaid gone bad

  • I kind of had similar drama.. is there anyway that you can talk to her to see what the issue is?? after that and she still cant work with you on anything it might be time to let her go.. remember this is you and your FI day and your happiness... .. a fellow knottie had to remind me of that 

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • O man sorry to hear about what is happening to you.  You need to sit down and talk with her and see what is going on. Sometimes us brides can get caught up in the wedding projects, and maybe not realize things going on with our friends, not that you are a bad person just life  happens and maybe something happen in her life that you are unaware of. Talk to her first before removing her from your bridal party because if you remove her from your wedding party the friendship is over, think about it before you take action. GL
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