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Classic Car / Drag Racing theme

My fiance and I started restoring a classic car a few years ago and our love of cars is what really brought us together. The venue that we are getting married at has a special place where we can park the car so that it will be a part of our wedding.. We were originally going to go with a beach theme, but we figured we could bring the car theme into it without it being tacky.

We decided that instead of doing the typical table numbers, we are going to give each table the name of a different drag strip across the country. At a wedding show recently, I saw an olive oil company that makes small favors of oil and vinegar.. my mom suggested doing this and labeling it "motor oil" to bring in the theme which I also loved.

I'm just kind of stuck with ideas as to how to bring in the car aspect of it without it seeming too... redneck? (and I don't mean that as an insult believe me!) Any ideas anyone can throw at me would be greatly appreciated! Our wedding isn't until 2015, so I have plenty of time :) Thanks!

Re: Classic Car / Drag Racing theme

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    I too am doing a drag racing themed wedding. My fiance and I met at the drag strip so I wanted to incorporate it as a part of our story. But I am struggling with ideas too. I love the idea for motor oil for the favors! I also like the idea of the table names!

    One idea I am contemplating for centerpieces is a small car part. It can be made elegant by propping it up on the table with a rose in the center of the part and decorative rocks on the table aorund it. I haven't executed this idea in any way, but it seems like it may work.
    Another idea, is having a black runner into the reception with a line down the middle to resemble a roadway. Someway along the runner, we will put the logo of our own "speedway."

    I am glad that other brides have this idea too!
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    I LOVE the idea of the runner! that sounds so cool. I was thinking something similar for the centerpieces.. we are considering taking the model cars that we've built over the years and incorporating them into the centerpiece. Our DJ that we met with yesterday suggested that for our introduction at the reception we use the sound of an engine revving and then blend it into music.. they actually suggested a lot of things that seemed like really good ideas! When I get more time, I'll post some of the ideas they told us about! Good luck!!!
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    That is a neat idea for the entrance! I wish you the best of luck in plannind and execution too! :)

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