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Outdoor ceremony venues that AREN'T golf courses, country clubs or vineyards

I want to get married in Zion National Park, but to keep family happy I'm also looking at So Cal. I want to get married in a natural place outside other than the beach. All the venues I see are golf courses, country clubs, vineyards, orchards or gardens. Where are the great and truely outdoor places to get married in So Cal- LA or OC.

Re: Outdoor ceremony venues that AREN'T golf courses, country clubs or vineyards

  • What's your price range? We looked at several locations before deciding on our final venue. Most of them are in the Santa Barbara location though. Is that too far?
  • I don't yet know price range, but Zion is only $100 as a National Park. SB woudl be a little far. Ojai and Santa Paula would be about as far north as I'd be comfortable with.
  • Would be much more than $100 but check out the LA arboretum.  Very beautiful.  Also most all parks around the LA area rent out for weddings.  Some in Malibu are very beautiful and expensive- others are small and humble.
  • The only way I'll come close to $100 is if I kep it on public land- a state park, national park, etc. My parents got married out on the gazebo in Laguna and that only cost them $10! 

    Starting to think a location with orange groves would be beautiful as the trees will be in blossom in April. Or maybe the Audubon Sanctuary out in Corona? Malibu is nice, but yes, I'm sure all venues there will be $$. Could you imagine a wedding, for example, at the Getty Villa near the pool?
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    I'm actually in the Malibu area--there are a lot of state parks in the are. Are you a fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Paramount Ranch has a pavilion behind the old set that only costs the amount for the application fee. We looked into it and thought it would have been a blast, but we also wanted an evening ceremony with no time constraints. It's so gorgeous up there! Malibu beaches are also inexpensive. Just contact the state park folks and they'll send you any information you want.

    EDIT: We also looked in Ojai. The Dent House might be the most beautiful place on earth, but it's also a tad hard to work with the people running it. Just looked like it would be one huge headache. If you're ever in the area definitely go hiking up there!
  • There are a lot of state parks in along the San Gabriel Mountains, from Altadena to San Bernadino county.  I would check the county parks website to get an idea of how much they would cost, I know I looked and don't remember them being expensive at all, expcept you have to rent and set up everything yourself.
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    I reached out to the director of the Malibu parks but haven't heard anything back yet. My date is in early spring so unfortunately the mountains will be too cold. We've made our list and its official- Zion is out. The wedding is going to be too big for their 100-guest limit. So I'm looking at California seriously now. The Fullerton Auboretum is high on my list right now. It's not 100% natural, but I'm starting to realize that the really natural palces are not typically wedding venues, which makes getting information and planning harder.

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