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Hi Everybody!  I am getting married in Santa Barbara next year.  I am unfamiliar with the area.  Does anyone have any recommendations where I can get an affordable (hopefully less than $2 a slice) wedding cake?  Anyone have any experience with local SB grocery store cakes? 

Re: Santa Barbara Bakery

  • We're doing pies and are working with a local bakery (Solvang Pie Co). I don't have any input for cakes, but I can say that any pie places I looked at IN SB were MUCH more expensive than companies outside that area. If you're from the area, how about walking around the farmers market to see if there are any inexpensive bakers?
  • I am not from the area, but I from my research online, I can tell it's pricey.  Great suggestion about the farmers market, though.  Where are the more affordable areas/cities around SB?
  • I'm getting married up in the Solvang area. Solvang is a cute little Danish town that might have some great bakeries

    Ventura will definitely be more affordable, but it's about 40 minutes south of SB.

    Lompoc is an hour north of SB, and also a pretty affordable area.

    Where are you getting married?
  • Thank you for those suggestons!  I Googled around the Ventura area and they seem to have a lot more bakeries in my budget. 
    Our ceremony and reception will be at FI's family church in SB (I can message you the name).

  • Maybe you could consider a small decorative cake from a local bakery and then get sheet cakes from somewhere nearby (like Costco). Wayne Kjar Cakes in Santa Barbara has lots of options at about $5/guest. Anna's Bakery in Santa Barbara might be a good choice for a smaller cake. If you go by there on a weekend, try the maple bacon donut. 
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