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Affordable beach site for wedding in los angeles

We are looking for a site, with the ceremony being on the beach, not a beach view and hopefully a nice venue nearby for a reception. Head count 50 to 80. Wedding in 2014. Affordable.


Re: Affordable beach site for wedding in los angeles

  • Get in touch with the state park rangers--they'll have information for you about specific locations and prices. (You said not a beach view--typo?) You say affordable, what kind of price range were you thinking of? We looked at Malibu beaches, and the cost was just a couple hundred dollars.
  • thanks for this. My daughter and FI want their feet in the sand, so they don't want to be able to look at the Ocean, they want to be very close to it.

    I will definitly look at the state beaches. Thank you
  • Not sure if you have checked out the Annenburg Beach House in Santa Monica.  Nice area, close to the beach I think they are pretty affordable for your size wedding.  

    Happy Planning!
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