Mini Vent

I have an English project that I have been working on for a month now, that counts for half of my grade and it was due today. My professor, would not take just pictures of the projects, she wants to see them in person, which I understand completely. So I have been emailing her since Friday trying to find out when and where she wanted to meet, (ON Easter Sunday). Sunday night and I still have not heard from her. I emailed her a picture and the paper that is due; so that she could not say that I did not try. Now I am way over tired and very frustrated. This is one of those nights where all I want to do is drink, eat, and sleep! I am afraid that she will not give me the grade, but I did everything that I could. Luckily this is my last basic course, and then I will get to start my actual degree in the summer/fall. Amazing how venting to people I don't know helps so much more than people I do. :)

Re: Mini Vent

  • hang in there! I hope all works out for you!
  • I feel so sorry for you! But know exactly how you feel. However, it was slightly your fault because if you had finished the paper on time then you wouldn't be in this situation. On the other hand, your teacher never asked you where your project was- so assumed it was either a) handed in or b) not done. In this case, it was a severe case of misunderstanding accompanied by miscommunication, where she explained the paper to you but did not follow up on it. By doing so, she may have caused you to become confused or stressed ( especially if you are planning a wedding) and misunderstand either the date the paper was due or how it was to be turned in ( some teachers hate email).
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