Graduating brides?

My graduation is 9 days from now! I just picked up my cap and gown today and it finally hit me that this is really happening. 

It's hard to get super into the graduation hype because I'll be immediately starting graduate school 11 days after lol but I'm still excited! Graduating from college is a big accomplishment!

Anyone else on the boards graduating this semester? What are your plans for after graduation?

Re: Graduating brides?

  • Congrats!  That is so awesome!  What are you doing for Grad school?


    I don't graduate till next year :(  But I think I am going to grad school. 

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  • Me!!!!   I graduate May 11.  I'm in the same boat though.... I have the summer off and start graduate school in August.  However, I will be going part time and working full time.  Starting to wonder if it wouldn't be better to push our wedding off another year.  I'm worried about my first year teaching, going to grad school, and planning a wedding.
  • Me! I graduate May 4th and am super nervous, but excited at the same time! I have applied to work at a lot of different places, but haven't heard back from very many places! FI is graduating next year, and we are getting married next May. 
  • I'm graduating May 11 and getting married this June. Can't wait!
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  • Congrads everyone! I am graduation May 18! I am working as a nanny full-time this summer, getting married Aug. 24th and then getting a job in my field when I get back from our honneymoon :) I'm in the process of interviewing now! In addition to this, I am a Photographer, so thats a passion and side job for me-- I am hoping to one day do photography full time. 
  • My FDIL graduates May 18, and they are getting married May 25. So excited!

  • I graduate from graduate school this fall, but I won't be there for graduation -  sort of have to leave the country since I went to school overseas.  But I am excited.  Congratulations on everyone else that is graduating! 

  • I'm graduating on May 19th and then graduate school this coming fall! My fiance and I are going to be doing the same degree program, so our wedding is scheduled for the summer in between our MM and DMA :) Congrats on graduating and good luck with grad school!!
  • Congratulations ladies! Graduating is such a huge accomplishment and I'm so proud of all of you :)

    My grades are officially in and my graduation ceremony is Thursday, so this is really happening! I start grad school on the 13th for English education for grades 6-12. SUPER nervous because I don't know much about education, but I am absolutely in love with English and I think I'll be a good teacher. I haven't even graduated from undergrad yet but I'm anxious to start my graduate classes already!
  • I'm graduating college, but I do not want to walk and participate. Spending a fun filled day instead with my family. Can't wait! Congrats to all of the other graduating brides!
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    Me! I just graduated on May 4th and will be starting a new job as a correctional officer tomorrow! I'm super excited and nervous at the same time! 
  • I just graduated May 11th. It was really exciting since I had family fly in a visit, but waiting for over 700 students to walk the stage was pretty boring. lol. But I'm happy my classmates and I finally made it.

    My wedding is June 29th, so just over a month away now.

    Is anyone else having a wedding so close after graduation? I'm beginning to freak out because I feel like I have so much to do! But I'm cracking down and getting stuff done! :)
  • I will be graduating next may, a little over a month before our wedding. I just am going to stay calm, get things done early, and work consistently throughout the next year! Congrats graduates and Brides!
  • I'm a little late on this train; but I graduated on the 18thof May, and grades were just posted, Magna Cum Laude!
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