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 So I will be getting married on August 10th, 2013. I will be entering my senior year of undergrad. I play Women's Lacrosse at my college and since I am not part of a sorority these girls are like my sisters. Any ideas on how I could recognize them at the ceremony and/or the reception. This is a very meaningful thing for me being that a few of them are traveling across country and from over seas to be at the wedding. All ideas are appreciated!!!

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  • It depends on how big you want the recognition to be. You could do any number of things; ask them to be in the bridal party, give them something special to wear like a pin or a corsage, mention them in the program (like a special shout out for those who travelled a great distance, or you could just mention them in a small speech during the reception.
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  • I think E gave you some pretty good answers and I like anmarie's idea.

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