Wedding Dress and weight loss

I am a senior in my undergraduate and I got engaged about a year and a half ago I had every intention of dropping 20 pounds by my wedding but school and life got in the way and I only lost 5 pounds- I ordered my dress in a size 8 and  it has  to be taken in an inch in the waist and hips, the semastress told me I had no more room to pull the corset in and if I wanted to loose wieght I had to do it in the next 3 weeks or it would be too late , finals are coming up and I dont know if I can loose more weight, what should I do?

Re: Wedding Dress and weight loss

  • don't further stress yourself. if you can just try to maybe maintain your weight and get your dress altered accordingly. A size 8 is tiny in my eyes lol. good luck!
  • You don't want to have your dress too tight for the wedding. Stay active and eat clean. In the end you want to be be able to breath at your wedding. During the service you will most likely be a little nervous and have some butterflies. This is a night you will remember forever and you don't want to be uncomfortable all night long.

  • It's ok if you don't make you weight goal.  I promise no one will judge you for it.  I think you might stress yourself out too much if you try to lose that much weight in 3 weeks.  Annastone is right that you should stay active. 
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  • I have a size 8 corset back too and my seamstress basically told me the same thing. I'm enjoying the nondiet lifestyle. I don't know how other brides do school, work I have 3 jobs, wedding planning and a diet. I would go insane if I had to kick the sweets on top of this stress. If you think you can handle the stress and you really want to lose the weight, go for it. :
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  • Thanks I think I will just try to maintain my weight and do some toning excercises to help a bit, being a student bride is stressful 
  • Did you want to lose weight for a personal preference?  Because when you say "size 8", I just think you sound like you are a fine weight right now - size 8 is healthy.  Do like you said, make sure you eat healthy and maybe tone up a bit when you have time if you think you need it, but it doesn't sound like you really have anything to worry about. 

    I also enjoy the non-diet lifestyle . . . but I don't own a vehicle and have to bike everywhere, so that makes me feel like I deserve a piece of chocolate everyday.  Mmmm, dark chocolate. 

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