I am SO ready for summer break!

I'm getting married this summer and I get to go on my honeymoon kid-free. It's been such a rough semester and I'm sick of homework and studying especially Anatomy & Physiology. I have about a month left. Thank the heavens! Summer cannot get here fast enough! Who's with me?

Re: I am SO ready for summer break!

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    I'm so jealous of your month.  I just started my new quarter.  Bleh.  10 weeks till summer!  I am ready for it to be summer too lol.  
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  • I am ready too! My last day of classes are April 16th. We are getting married OOT and we have to keep shuffling back and forth when I don't have class (when all I REALLY want to do is relax) 
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  • Glad to know I'm not the only one:)
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    [QUOTE]As of today, 4 weeks left for me! This has been the most difficult semester of my life, and I can't wait for it to be over.  But, 3 weeks after the semester ends I have to start my practicum, which will be 8 weeks in a town with no cell phone or internet (which means no wedding planning   ).  I'm actually  looking forward to it.  But less than 3 weeks after I get done with that, another semester starts. If I didn't love my program and what I've chosen for my career, I would be miserable.  
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    It does help to love the field youre going in to. My ultimate goal will land me in med school.
  • I'm done in the middle of may. My wedding isn't until 2015 but summertime is going to be my time to work and start planning out a wedding budget. I'm excited
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