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  • I had a roommate for a year that I barely spoke to.  It was only her and me in the apartment.  She didn't really speak English - I wasn't ignoring her, I wasn't shunning her, and I actually thought she was a very nice girl.  We just didn't have anything in common.  Is it possible that these girls just don't think you have anything in common and are just doing their own thing?  Have they done anything in particular to make you think that they are treating you this way maliciously?  Or are you just overanalyzing everything that they do and making yourself miserable? 

  • I'm sad no one quoted.


    OP- a DD (dirty delete) is considered rude.  I wish you hadn't deleted, unless it was for privacy reasons. 

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  • Yeah, sorry, I didn't think to copy either.  I do hope that things go better with OPs roommates though!  She only had three more weeks of living there, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

  • Hey,
    Thanks guys, sorry I had to delete I felt better after venting and just realized that it was pobably best to keep this off the internet.
  • That's what we're here for - feel free to vent if you need it.  Are things getting better?

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